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Miami Heat Pump Repair

Miami heat pumps are a wonderful development in the heating and air industry. From the dawn of modern climate control heating and cooling units have always come in twos. One for heating, the furnace. And one for cooling, the Miami air conditioning unit. Now there is something better. no longer do you have to maintain two units. The heat pump has changed all that. The heat pump replaces both of those older units and does both jobs better. It operates on a principle set forth by the trust AC, but it takes it a couple of steps farther.

How A Heat Pump Works In Miami

What makes Miami great for heat pumps is the basis on how they work. Regular AC’s take hot air and, through a compressor, exchange it with cool air outside. This happens over and over as the cool air is circulated through your home, and the warm air is returned to be re-cooled. To get the best results, get our Miami air duct cleaning service. A heat pump can do all that, and do it well, but it also has the ability to reverse its flow. It can take warm air out side and exchange it with the cool air inside to actually heat your home. And it does it all with the same efficiency that modern air conditioners are known for. This is a great alternative to Miami Furnaces, because you save money on so many fronts.

Miami Heat Pump Repair Saves Residents Money

No longer do you have to “burn” your hard earned cash to heat your home. Now you can condition your air to warm it. This added efficiency means you use less money to heat and cool your home. This really makes a big difference in areas with high energy costs and can cause symptoms of increased happiness and bulging wallet syndrome. When you upgrade from your old units, you also qualify for government tax credits. Its your money, tell the government to let you keep it. So call now. Miami emergency air conditioning repair calls can be avoided with regular maintenance. Our operators are here night and day to answer any heat pump or air conditioning related question.