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Furnace Repair Miami

Miami is not known for its cold winters, but every home needs a furnace. Our units are second to none. Its comforting to know that heat is there when you need it. We can also fix your furnace repair Miami unit if it breaks down. We know that having heat on demand is important. That is why we strive to respond quickly to your service calls. We know that as a business we are nothing without our customers, so we always try to put you first, and make sure you are satisfied. From the time you pick up the phone to schedule an appointment to when our truck drives off with another job well done, we want to make it the best experience for you, our client. Because lets face it, when your heat doesn’t work and it is cold, life sucks. Getting us to maintain your furnace also makes a Miami emergency air conditioning repair call less likely.

Miami Furnace Makes Life Easier

We can upgrade your current thermostat to better monitor and regulate the heat in your home. these units are a lot cheaper than one might think, and can help save energy setting up programs that can turn your heater off while you are at work, and then on again as you head home. Miami heat pump repair is also an option you should discuss with us for heating and cooling your home. That way you don’t waste heating an empty home and you also don’t arrive home after a long day at the office to an ice box. This is just one of the many features we can inform you of, and all of them improve the quality of your life while giving you opportunities to save money. Another way to improve improve the air quality of your home is with our Miami air duct cleaning service.

Types of Furnace Repair Miami

There are two basic types of furnace. One uses electrical resistance to create friction inside a metal coil. This coil heats the air,and then a blower circulates it or metal piping lets it radiate throughout a room. These units are usually single room heaters, and are much less energy efficient. They are a good choice when initial cost is an issue and electricity is cheap and plentiful in your area. The other option is gas furnace. In Miami this can boiled down into sever different types of gas: kerosene, gas, natural gas, etc. These can be a small burner that heats a large room to a furnace that will heat an entire home. they are more efficient, costing less to operate, but they are more expensive because they require ducts and a large unit to be installed. Obviously we have the experience, so give us a call when you need furnace repair Miami residents can trust!